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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

I have to say thank you for the continued love and support. My heart is overwhelmed with the messages that have continued pouring in the past 16 months wondering how I’m doing or letting me know they’re here for me. It’s been 1.5yrs since the break up and coming up on 1yr exactly from letting the truth of the abuse out. It has been quite the adventure. I feel healthy and more importantly, happy with who I am and where I am today! My kids, family & friends are always good for some laughs, cuddles, healthy banter and crazy dance parties. They have been there for the good and bad which has been more good lately. Softball is going awesome. My MN Ice team made World Series and we head to OH end of August! My close circle of family & friends in and out of softball have been just what I needed. It is amazing how close I have gotten to people in just the past year. I am so lucky they put up with my smart mouth, overthinking mind, my quirky humor and goofy ass. You each know who you are and I can’t tell you or hug you enough to show how much you mean to me. My kids wonder why I hug them so much. Well now ya know kids. I love you all each in different ways and for so many different reasons. I still have days I feel ugly no matter how well I do my make up and hair. I still have days I look fat in a mirror no matter how many different outfits I try on before saying F$CK it and just wear whatever. I do have hopes that one day I will just wake up fully loving everything about me. Until then, I just keep battling my bad days by surrounding myself with people who will make me laugh, just listen to me vent or hug me and let me cry it out.

I made a video to celebrate my 1 year of letting go of the abuse piece by piece by opening up to my loved ones & starting my blog July 2020! I could not fit everyone in the video, but know if you took part in my life regularly the last year, you are a piece of my healing too! I have no regrets and I am no longer embarrassed or ashamed of what I went thru. I even dyed the tips of my hair purple for Domestic Violence. I also worked with Ambitiously Lazy Apparel on a Domestic Violence Awareness Hoodie. Super excited about that!

I will end this with a quote from Socrates, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

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