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I believe you should always follow your heart no matter what it leads you to. My heart led me through some horrible times, but it has made me who I am today!  I invite you to check out my site, learn about my journey as a single mom of 3 who has survived years of domestic abuse!  I started this to help ME heal, but if my story hits home for 1 person and helps them love themselves a little more, makes them feel they are not alone in this and/or gives them the strength to walk away from their abuser......EVEN BETTER!


I am still learning to love myself every day and NOT see what he made me see in the mirror!

White Satin

Privacy Policy: I do not collect info to share or sell to any third party. This is strictly an outlet for me to tell my story and empower others who are going thru abuse or who have survived abuse! I welcome emails from anyone wanting to reach out. I am here to listen, be a shoulder to cry on, help however I can and just be a friend. If you choose to email, your email or any part of your email will never be shared unless you give me permission. I will not share your contact info as everyone’s privacy is very important to me.

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